Mini Cheer Champs (Ages 1 – 4)


A cheer-inspired fitness class for one-year-olds. Our little cheerleaders will work on movement coordination, sensory play, and spirit! Coaches will instruct on stretching, dancing, and jumping. Each little cheerleader will have a parent or nanny assisting them, as they learn to dance to Gameday music with pom poms and smiles on their faces!

TIME 2 CHEER! (2 y/o)

A vibrant and exciting cheerleading class for two-year-olds! This class is designed to introduce the very basics of cheerleading. Cheerleaders will work on: 

  • Introductory Chants & Cheers
  • Introductory Motions & Jumps
  • Introductory Stretching & Tumbling

This class will familiarize our new cheerleaders with cheer vocabulary and skills and set them up for a future of spirited success. Show up with your two-year-old to assist them in a fun-filled hour! 

3 CHEERS 4 YOU: 3s-4s

A peppy and spirited cheerleading class for ages 3 to 4. This class aims to teach beginner cheerleaders basic terms and skills to set them up for an athletic and spirited future. Cheerleaders will learn: 

  • Beginner Chants & Cheers 
  • Beginner Motions & Jumps
  • Beginner Stretching & Tumbling

Cheer Champs (Ages 5 – 12)


Welcome to Cheer Champs Junior, a fun-filled cheerleading class! This class is designed to introduce the basics of cheerleading, from the sidelines to competition. Cheerleaders will work on energetic movements and chants as well as basic stunting and tumbling skills. By emphasizing teamwork, athleticism, and spirit, our team will learn and grow in cheerleading together. This class will familiarize our new cheerleaders with cheer vocabulary and set them up for a future of spirited success. 

CHEER CHAMPS (3rd – 6th) 

  • Gameday Skills: Cheering & Chanting
  • Competitive Skills: Tumbling & Stunting
  • General Skills: Motions & Jumps

Coaches will teach exciting, original material to the cheerleaders preparing for a performance at a Fastbreak basketball or football game.


TUMBLE FOR CHEER (2nd-4th, 1st-3rd, 5th-6th)

A class emphasizing the fundamentals of tumbling!  Introductory tumbling skills include:

  • Front/back rolls 
  • Handstands 
  • Backbends & Front/Back walkovers
  • Cartwheels & Round-offs
  • Running Tumbling

Tumbling skills are used in cheer performances and on sidelines at select football and basketball games. These skills are essential to continue making further tumbling progress in cheerleading. Our coaches ensure a safe and fun environment to perfect these skills. With our tumbling class, our cheerleaders will be prepared for any role a coach throws at them!

Pom Dance (Ages 3 – 10)

CHEER & POM FUSION (3-6y/o) *beginner 6-year-olds

A class dedicated to spirit and teaching the basics of Cheerleading & Pom Dance. This class will give an introduction to all things sideline and Gameday. The fun of cheering on any sporting event is here! During the first half of this class, coaches will teach the basics of cheerleading, including introductory tumbling skills. Coaches will end with teaching the basics of Pom Dance. Smile big, bring your spirit, and sign up for Cheer & Pom Fusion!

POM DANCE (1st-4th)

A high-energy, cheer-driven, dance class, combining the excitement of cheerleading with the rhythm of dance. Our coaches will teach original choreography and fine tune each student’s performance abilities. Our pom squad will be able to perform a synchronized, choreographed dance with any song they hear!