Make your own team or join as a free agent
Each team requires a minimum of 4 players

Championship Awards for Division Winners!

  • 10 Week Season
  • 3+ Games per night
  • 12 Teams per division
  • Game Times: 6:00pm & 7:00pm
  • Dates:
    • Monday 3rd / 4th Grade Division: Nov 26th thru March 11th
    • Tuesday 4th / 5th  Grade Division: Dec 4th thru March 5th
    • Thursday 6th / 7th Grade Division: Nov 29th thru February 28th
  • Location: Fastbreak HQ – 1629 1st Ave (84th / 1st)

Game Times Rotate Weekly Between Sessions

To reserve your team please call Eddie at (212)724-3278 email eddie@fastbreakkids.com or use the form below