🌟 Welcome to Jr. Kids’ Camp (Ages 2-3) at All Souls! 🌟
Ignite Your Child’s Summer with Fun and Learning!

Are you seeking an engaging and vibrant summer experience tailored for your little ones aged 1y8m to 3? Look no further! Jr. Kids’ Camp at All Souls is the perfect haven for your toddler to embark on an incredible journey filled with laughter, learning, and boundless adventures.

🏕️ What We Offer:

At Jr. Kids’ Camp, we’re committed to creating a stimulating environment brimming with a diverse range of activities catered specifically to toddlers. Our program includes:

1. Mini Games & Sports: Foster your child’s love for movement through fun and age-appropriate games that promote physical activity and coordination.

2. Sensory Arts & Crafts: Encourage creativity and self-expression as your child delves into the world of art, crafting masterpieces that showcase their imagination.

3. Music & Dance: Watch your little one’s groove and giggle as they explore the joy of music and movement, fostering a sense of rhythm and expression.

4. Bounce House: Experience pure exhilaration in our bounce house—an absolute favorite among our campers that promises endless fun and laughter.

5. Story Time & More: Immerse your child in the enchanting world of storytelling, stimulating their imagination and fostering a love for literature.

6. Teamwork & Kindness: Our activities are designed not only to entertain but also to instill essential values of teamwork, kindness, and cooperation.

🌈 Why Choose Jr. Kids’ Camp?

Our seasoned coaches specialize in working with young children, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment where your child can thrive. With a curriculum designed to promote confidence and introduce fundamental social skills, we prioritize your child’s holistic development.

📆 Details:

  • Dates: May 28th – Aug 30th
  • Time: Monday – Thursday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Cost: $80/day or $320/week

👩‍👦 Join Us for a Summer of Adventure!

Spaces are limited, so secure your child’s spot today to guarantee an unforgettable summer experience. Whether it’s learning new games, creating beautiful art, or bouncing around in joy, Jr. Kids’ Camp promises an engaging and enriching journey for your little one.