Hoop Academy is a skill development and game based program that will promote team skills and integrate children into the team aspect of Basketball. Each week children will attend an extended session which will include skills, drills, and modified game-play along with game specific scenario instruction. This basketball academy is primarily is for beginner and intermediate players.

Hoop Academy’s team focus and game play emphasis offers an excellent lead in to team and league play.

For those in Grades K – 2nd looking for a more introductory experience, check out HOOP ACADEMY JR. The program, at Fastbreak HQ, will be structured as the same as Hoop Academy but the game-play is on 8-foot hoops.


Typical Session Overview

20 Minutes – Warm Up / Individual Skills.

20 Minutes – Team Concept / Play of the Day.

30 Minutes – Game Play – 5 v 5 Full Court Game incorporating team concepts of the day and coaches teaching on the court.

Team Concepts of the Day Include:

Team Defense – Proper help defense positioning off the ball.

Offensive Spacing – Where to be positioned on offense when you don’t have the ball.

Offensive Ball Movement & Cutting – How to maintain ball movement and cut into open space/lanes.

Running the Fastbreak – Learning how to fill lanes and taking advantage of fast break opportunities.

Pick and Roll Offense/Defense – How to properly use and defend ball screens.


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