COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Procedures


A Look Into The Future At Fastbreak

Before you leave…
Know before you go! We are erring on the side of caution; please stay home if you are sick or showing any symptoms. It is always a good idea to do a temperature check before heading our way. Anyone 100.4 and above will be turned away from any programming, indoors or outdoors. Have a discussion with your kids. Everyone is excited to see their friends and be back to sports but we need all your efforts in staying distant and keeping our hands to ourselves. Please limit all personal belongings as much as possible including strollers.

Entering the facility…
We will be limiting the amount of people in our facility. Everyone will sign in, take a thermal temperature scan, and sanitize hands. All participating children are allowed one caregiver and immediate siblings only. However, if it is not dire that a caregiver is in the building please urge them not to enter. If the weather is nice and you are able to wait for your child outdoors, please do so!

Temperature Checks & Health Declaration
Everyone entering our facility or involved in any program will be required to complete a health declaration along with temporal touch-less temperature scanning (100.4 and above will not be admitted) on a daily basis. Everyone is required to wash their hands or use hand sanittizer upon entering the facility.

Protective Personal Equipment & Physical Distancing
Everyone will be required to wear protective masks in order to enter the facility. All staff will be trained in the proper use of PPE and correctly implementing social distancing procedures. We have also outfitted our entire facility with separation barriers and implemented staggered session times to eliminate bi-directional traffic while entering or leaving the facility.

Masks are required at all times when in our facilities, whether you are playing on court or viewing. Participants may lower their mask and separate from others to catch their breathe. We have built in periodic “air breaks” and staff are aware of signs of reduced oxygen intake.

Water Fountains
We have converted our water fountain to fill stations. Please come with ample water in bottles labeled with your child’s name which can be refilled at our location.

Cleaning Protocols, Disinfectant Procedures & Sanitation
We have implemented rigorous deep cleaning and disinfecting through-out the day and once overnight along with increasing the size of our maintenance team to support these efforts.

  • Use of Medical Grade EPA-registered disinfectants designated effective against COVID-19 (kill times of less than one minute) in addition to deep cleaning.
  • Touch-less hand sanitizer stations throughout facility, along with continually cleaning of all equipment before & after use.
  • Upgraded all facility air and particle filters

Fastbreak promises to immediately notify all families once there has been a confirmed case within our population. We expect full transparency and communication from all customers to ensure the safety and well being of everyone. We expect to be notified ASAP if anyone has tested positive or shown symptoms and been in the facility or in contact with anyone who has.

Refund Policy

Worried about schedule changes, school and/our city and state closures?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

If a schedule change occurs;
Fastbreak will offer a full or pro-rated company credits for any changes in your schedule. You will not lose your money and our company credits do not expire and can be used towards any future program.

If a program cancellation or closure occurs;
If Fastbreak is closed due to COVID-19 or cancels your program, customers will automatically receive a company credit. Refund will be honored upon request by customer less fees.

*all refunds will include credit card processing fees

COVID-10 Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ list is a tool for our parents, players, and staff to seek answers to commonly asked questions.  If you do not find your question in this list, please email or give us a call.

While we recognize that things will be constantly changing and being updated, we want you to know that we are well prepared to return to play and our plans meet, if not exceed, recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, New York State and our local government.

We will constantly update this FAQ list as needed – Dated September 14th, 2020

Q: When did Fastbreak Sports re-open?

A:  Fastbreak opened on July 6th.

Q: What programs are available?

A:  Over the summer we offer multi-sport and sport specific camps. This Fall beginning in September; we offer sports classes, private pods, personal training, AAU outdoor basketball teams and court rentals.

Q: Will temperatures be taken on site before someone can gain entry?

A:  Yes, everyone entering the Fastbreak facility or programming will have their temperature taken with a Non-Contact thermometer.  Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 will be denied entry.

Q: Will athletes be sharing equipment?

A:  We have implemented an array of games and activities into our curriculum that will not require the use of shared equipment. Equipment, at times, may be shared within a class / camp pod. All equipment will be cleaned prior to every session with a non-hazardous cleaning disinfectant to eliminate bacteria and virus’ including COVID-19.

Q: Will players be required to bring their own basketball to the gym?

A:  No, players will not be required to bring their own basketball to programs at our facility. Players will be required to bring their own basketball for mini camps and rentals. Summer camps, Private groups and personal training will be supplied with equipment. Please LABEL your personal basketball with the campers’ name. Basketballs are available for purchase if needed.

Q:  What facilities will you be using when we return to play?

A:   Fastbreak will be using our own facility, St. Vincent Ferrer High School and St. David’s Gym. Specific policies and procedures apply to all of our facilities. We also offer an array of outdoor programming in local upper east and upper west side parks.

Q:  What are your outside facility procedures?

A:   St. Vincent Ferrer High School and St. David’s Gym require all participants to bring their own basketball. Check-in, masks, hand hygiene protocols will follow our standard practice. For these facilities, parents/guardians will not be allowed to enter the facility.

Q:  How will staff be prepared to re-open and return to play?

A:  Staff will be trained and prepared to operate under all the new guidelines required to re-open.  All staff will be required to wear PPE when children are present.  They will also adhere to our COVID-19 screening process before entering the building and/or programming. Due to the requirement of masks during play; coaches are aware of the signs of reduced oxygen intake and we have built “air breaks” into our programming.

Q:  How will the experience in your programs be different for the kids?

A:   The areas in the gym will be used by less players/coaches as in pre-Covid times.  Common areas (bathrooms, seating areas etc.) will support physical social distancing as required. We will be limiting parents/guardians in our facility during program hours along with hand washing upon entry and exit. Face masks will be required at all times when in our facility. Coaches will wear face masks when children are present.

Q:  What steps are being taken to be sure Fastbreak is providing a safe environment?

A:  We have an intense and constant cleaning/sanitation process throughout the day including all touch points, and equipment. A deep clean will occur every night during our closing process. We have outfitted the facility with a dozen more hand sanitizing stations and social distancing barriers, and signage / posters of required practices. All soaps, sanitizers and cleaners are EPA approved.

Q:  What will be the process if someone tests positive after we have been in the gym together?

A: Attendance and COVID questionnaire are required for entry into any program AND will be taken at every session.  The staff will contact trace and notify immediately upon being notified that someone has tested positive. Anyone who was in the building during a session or was in contact with that person will be notified.

Q:  Are we guaranteed that our children will be safe?

A:  We will be doing everything necessary to make our programs safe.  Safety for the kids is our top priority.  However, nothing is risk free.  We have the safety policies and in procedures in place to minimize risk to all players, families and staff while at our programming. We ask for you to move at a pace that you and your family are comfortable with. We offer different options from Zoom classes, private lessons, to small outdoor group lessons. We are firm believers that physical exercise boosts mental health; so either way, be sure to get out and play!

Q:  Who should seriously consider NOT returning to play or sessions?

A:   People who are personally, or living with someone effected:  Diabetes, Chronic lung disease including Asthma, severe obesity, chronic kidney disease, heart conditions, immunocompromised(e.g. transplant recipient, needing immunosuppressant medications (e.g. steroids, biologics, etc.) and age greater than 65 years.

Q:  Will masks be required?

A:  Yes.  Everyone entering the facility or checking in for a program must have a mask on. Coaches, participants and anyone in our facility will be required to wear masks.

Q:  What happens if someone shows symptoms after arriving at the gym?

A:  Parents will not be allowed to leave their child until the temperature is taken and is in the safe range.  If someone becomes symptomatic after the start of their session, they will be quarantined area immediately, we will communicate to the parent immediately. If the child tests positive, we will enable our contact tracing policy.

Q:  Is capacity/attendance being limited?

A:  Yes, all programs are being limited in attendance by approximately 35% to uphold social distancing guidelines. Sessions will be scheduled to allow smaller groups per court and PODS. Time between session will be built in to allow exit from/entrance to each session with the least amount of contact between the sessions’ attendees and pre-screening at the entrance. We will be disinfecting before every program session.

Q:  When will game play and leagues begin again?

A:  This return to play is a slow, watch and observe process.  Safety is the priority and are hoping teams will resume this winter.

Q:  Will there be water available to the players at the facility?

A:  Water fountains will not be available for use. Every player/coach is required to bring their own water bottle, clearly/prominently labeled with their name, to their session.

Q:  Do I drop my child off outside?

A:  There will be a check-in line for when the program begins. You check in at the door and wait until their temperature is taken so they may enter the facility and/or program. Please remain socially distanced when waiting to enter the facility.

Q:  Will parents be allowed to stay at their player(s)’ session?

A:  Only 1 Parents and/or guardians and immediate siblings will allowed to stay for every participating child.

Q:  Can my player bring a snack in with him/her before class?

A:  No, there will be no outside food to be eaten in our facility.

Q:  Will the bathrooms be open?

A:  Yes, but access will be limited in the number of occupants at any one time and monitored throughout all sessions. We have also installed plexiglass partitions in our bathroom sinks and urinals.

Q:  Before I come to a session, is there anything I should do?

A:  Yes, bring PPE with you and ask yourself the 5 simple questions below.  If you answer yes to any of them, you should consider not coming to that session or program.

  1. Do you have a sore throat, fever, body aches, cough or difficulty breathing that is new?
  2. Have you or a person within your household travelled outside of the region or the United States within the last 30 days?
  3. Have you cared for or lived with a person who tested positive for COVID-19?
  4. Have you been tested for COVID-19 in the past 14 days and are you waiting for results or was the result positive?
  5. Do you work at a skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility that has a COVID-19 concern?

Q:  Is there a plan in place to manage symptoms during a session?

A:  Yes.  Our staff will be trained and monitoring children throughout each session.

Q:  Do I need to sign any waiver for my child before he/she may return to play?

A:  Yes, you will need to sign a recently updated waiver before your child may attend a session.  You will receive that waiver either via online, email, or on-site.

Q:  Is it OK for my child to bring possessions into the facility?

A:  All possession brought must remain in a backpack or bag. We STRONGLY encourage everyone to leave personal items not required at home.

Q:  Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns during this return to camp?

A:  As always, our team is here ready to help.  You can reach out via email or call (212)724-3278.


Camp Protocols & Procedures

Entering / Exiting Program Location
Anyone entering and/or leaving the facility will be required to wash their hands and/or use of hand sanitizing stations which are positioned throughout our entire facility. Fastbreak has setup new check-in/out protocols and procedures to minimize contact. All programs will have staggered times to eliminate large congregations during program transitions.

Health Records
All staff, parent/guardians and participants require a daily health questionnaire along with temporal temperature (100.4 or less) reading to be completed in order to enter the facility or participate in any program. We will reserve the right to refuse any potentially ill person admittance in any program or our facility. This will enable our contact tracing and ability to notify our customers of any exposure or confirmed cases within our population

Staff are required to complete the daily health form and temporal temperature reading upon entering the facility. Any staff members who shows signs of symptoms and/or has a 100.4 degree temperature will be sent home from work. Employees will be required to show proof of negative COVID-19 test or quarantine themselves for a minimum of 14 days before returning to work.

Face Masks
All children and staff members over the age of 2 will be required to wear PPE.

Hand Washing
All groups will hand sanitize and/or wash their hands after every activity.

There will be no transportation provided to / from Fastbreak to our outdoor programming. All families must be able to drop-off and pick-up at the specified program location.

Group Size
This camp will be restricted to 20 campers per day. We will maintain 2 separate groups of 10 children who will remain with the same camp counselors for the entire day.

Drop-In Registrations
Due to the updated check-in process we will no longer be accepting morning drop-in registrations. All campers are required to register prior to their day of camp.

All equipment will be sanitized, cleaned and wiped down prior to use in any program. We will be limiting the use of our standard equipment and supplement all sports programming with alternate activities.

Lunch, Snack and Drink
Fastbreak is a nut-free company. Parents are responsible to provide their campers with a refillable water bottle and/or beverage, snack and lunch. Fastbreak will provide refillable water stations through out camp.

Bathroom Procedures
During outdoor activities children will be taken to local outdoor bathrooms accompanied one of their counselor. There will always be at least 2 children with 1 counselor during bathroom breaks.

Bounce House
There will be no use of the bounce house in our camps. If you would like to schedule a private group session please reach out to

Refunds and Credits
Due to our limited space we are unable to provide any cash refunds for missed programming. We will credit your company account for any missed camp date with at least 48 hours notice. There will be no make-ups for a camp day cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled start time unless accompanied by a doctor’s note.