Program Overview

The season will run from late March through early June. Players will practice with their teams once per week and play in weekend tournaments.

Team practices will kick off Friday, March 29. We expect to play in our first tournament the weekend of April 20-21. Tournaments are weekend obligations and almost all are outside of New York City. Please be prepared to travel into Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or other locations. We are planning to take off the weekend of Memorial Day (May 24-26).

AAU basketball is a significant commitment for our most dedicated basketball players that are looking for intense coaching and competition. Players that fit this program should be willing to accept coaching and be prepared for playing time determined at the coach’s discretions. Families should be prepared for weekend travel, weeknight practices and week-of schedule releases from Tournament Directors. We are more than happy to recommend a more fitting program for your child, if AAU is not the right one.

Most practices will take place on Friday afternoons or evenings. Please be prepared for practices that begin as early as 4:30 PM or end as late as 9:30 or 10:00 PM. Practice time and location will be assigned after the team formation process is completed.

Potential tournament weekends: April 20 – 21, April 26 – 27, May 4 – 5, May 11 (Saturday only), May 18 – 19, June 1 – 2, June 8 – 9. Teams should anticipate playing four or five tournaments out of those dates. One of the tournament weekends may be an overnight trip as well.

Play F.A.S.T.

Our goal is to instill the idea of playing “F.A.S.T.” within all players on all of our teams. F.A.S.T. stands for FUN – ACCOUNTABLE – SMART – TOUGH. We believe that the best teams and players embody those traits.

FUN – Basketball is the game we love. Playing this game should be fun. As hard as our teams and players compete, everything is centered around the joy of the game.

ACCOUNTABLE – The best teams and players work together to achieve more as a group than is possible individually. To get to that cohesiveness, players need to demonstrate accountability to themselves, teammates and coaches. The best players want to be coached hard and held accountable.

SMART – We don’t think of basketball as just a physical game. Games aren’t necessarily won by the team that jumps the highest or runs the fastest. Our teams will play smart, thinking basketball that translates beyond just one season, into other teams at every level.

TOUGH – This is more than a buzzword. It’s a mentality of how you practice, how you compete and how you face adversity in your game, practice, season or life.

Age Groups

High School Teams – Our high school teams are created to provide our oldest athletes with the support and resources necessary to achieve their goals. Our coaches, who have coached or played at college or professional levels, build each practice, workout and game plan around the mission of preparing our players for beyond high school. Whether that’s playing basketball at the collegiate level or just being successful as a person, our AAU program builds towards that goal. Our program directors and coaches lend their expertise in the college selection and recruiting process for players interested in pursuing that dream. Our high school teams will be run in partnership with Basketball Stars of New York.

Middle School Teams – Our middle school coaches focus on player development and team concept development, with an overarching goal of preparing our players for high school basketball. These teams see significant improvement over the course of the season, as we play high level competition and build cohesiveness among groups and maximize each player’s ability as they approach the high school years. Older teams will not accept friend requests.

Elementary School Teams – Our youngest teams put the F (FUN) into F.A.S.T. For many players, this is the entry point or formative experience in team basketball. Players should be learning valuable teamwork skills and team concepts, important fundamentals and getting significant enjoyment of their experience. These teams will accept friend requests.


Teams in following Divisions: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th ,10th, 11th Grade

Cost: $1895 per player (include reversible uniform and New Balance gear package)

Please reach out to Ben (Ben@Fastbreakkids.com) by email or call 212-724-3278 with any special requests, needs or questions.

Friend Requests – We will NOT be accepting friend requests in 6th grade or older. For elementary school players, please understand that friend requests will affect your team placement in most situations. All friend requests MUST be mutual. If we do not have the request from both parties, we cannot guarantee the accommodation.