FAQ/Enrollment Agreement/Waiver




Your child’s enrollment will not be confirmed for a class, team/league, or camp until full payment has been received. We accept MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. If paying by check, please make payable to Fastbreak Sports for the full amount of the session’s fee.


Fastbreak reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment or change/cancel programming dates should scheduling conflicts arise at any location.

If you decide to withdraw your child from any program, you must submit in writing to teamfastbreak@fastbreakkids.com


There are no make ups offered for Private After School groups or any classes that are offered only once per week. Fastbreak allows for a full prorated company credit for the session’s remaining classes before the third class of any season. A prorated refund, minus a 7% credit card processing fee, may also be issued for classes cancelled prior to the third class. If you decide to withdraw your child from the program, you must do so no less than 24 hours before the third class of the season and are responsible for all charges until you do so. There are no credits/refunds thereafter.

There are no refunds/credits for missed classes but children are eligible for up to 2 make-ups for any class, contingent upon availability and confirmation by Fastbreak management. All make-ups must be used before the end of the current semester; under no circumstances do make-ups carry over to a new season. Please be advised that due to the popularity of Fastbreak’s basketball programming, make ups for these classes are frequently unavailable.

Travel Basketball Teams:

There is a $250 non-refundable deposit for joining our Basketball Travel Team Program. If you decide to withdraw, we will provide a company credit/refund up until 72 hours after the FIRST team practice. If you opt for a refund; there will be a 7% credit card processing fee. There will be no refunds after the SECOND team practice.


There are no make ups for any missed team/league practices or games. If you decide to withdraw from the following leagues (4v4 League, Flag Football League, Hoop Academy), you must notify us with no less than 2 weeks notice to receive a refund minus a 7% credit card processing fee. You can withdraw up until the 1st game and receive a pro-rated company credit. There will no refunds/credits thereafter.


We allow for a full company credit for any camp dates cancelled two weeks prior to your child’s start date. Refunds, minus a 7% administrative fee, may also be issued for camp days/weeks cancelled no less than two weeks in advance. Rescheduling a day of camp is allowed with a minimum of 48-hours notice. There will be no make ups for camp days cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled start time unless accompanied by a doctor’s note. All camp cancelations/reschedules must be submitted in writing to teamfastbreak@fastbreakkidas.com


No personal training lessons shall be booked or confirmed without payment. There is no holding ‘spots’ or reserving time slots. These lessons are on a first come first served basis. Current customers will be given a 1-week priority re-enrollment period to confirm all details and remit payment for a new personal training package. After this time, the lesson time slot will be available to our waiting list then public on a first come first served basis. You are allowed a maximum of 2 make-ups per package of 10 lessons and 1 make-up per package of 5 without a doctor’s note. All missed lessons that coincide with a doctor’s note will be rescheduled at no additional charge. Cancellations with more than 24 hours’ notice will be re-scheduled and added to end of package, added to new package, or a company credit applied. Cancellations under 24 hours will be subject to loss of lesson and coach will be paid for said lesson.


Fastbreak’s outdoor programs will run in light rain. In the event of heavy rain, lightning, or dangerous field conditions we will cancel class and either schedule a make-up or credit your Fastbreak account for future use.


Fastbreak is not responsible for loss or theft of, or damage to, any personal belongings at Fastbreak HQ or any other location where programming takes place; please always keep your personal items with you.




Fastbreak Sports is committed to providing its community of customers, members, visitors and staff with the cleanest and safest environment possible. To that end, below are a few guidelines we need all members of our community to acknowledge and agree to when visiting Fastbreak Sports. Guidelines for cleaning, sanitation, disinfection, and re-opening best practices are based on the information we have received from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), along with state mandates and guidelines.While we will take every reasonable precaution to keep you safe, we can neither promise nor guarantee that the coronavirus or any other pathogen will not enter or be present at one of our facilities. Fastbreak Sports is a social environment and there is always the risk of a person becoming ill as a result of being at one of our facilities. By executing this Acknowledgment and Agreement, you, individually and on behalf of any minor in your custody or control (hereinafter “you”) are representing your complete awareness of the health risks in visiting a Fastbreak Sports facility.Please review the guidelines below and if you agree, please accept the terms of this Agreement. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our Fastbreak Sports community as healthy and safe as possible.

Health & Safety Protocols

  1. I, which includes me and any minor in my custody or control (hereinafter “I”) agree to stay home if I am sick or exhibit any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. I agree to follow all other health and safety protocols as directed by Fastbreak Sports personnel.

Photo Release Form

In connection with my enrollment, or that of my child, in a class, league, instruction or other sports or athletic activity at Fastbreak Sports LLC (together with its subsidiaries, “Fastbreak Sports”), I hereby agree that my child may be photo or video graphed during Fastbreak Sports activities. I understand that these photographs or video may be used in promoting our services, either in print or on the Internet.With my signature below I grant permission for my child to be photographed, videoed, or their images recorded for print or electronic use in promoting Fastbreak Sports services. I understand that it is my responsibility to update this form in the event that I no longer wish to authorize the above uses. I agree that this form will remain in effect during the term of my child’s enrollment. I understand that there will be no payment for me or my child’s participation in this release.

Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity for all Participants in Fastbreak Sports Activities (“Waiver”):

In connection with my enrollment, or that of my child, in a class, league, instruction or other sports or athletic activity at Fastbreak Sports LLC (together with its subsidiaries, “Fastbreak Sports”), I hereby agree as follows:I understand that the very nature of sports and other activities available at Fastbreak Sports carries a risk of physical injury or even death.  The risk of injury includes minor injuries such as cuts or bruises, and more serious injuries such as broken bones, dislocations and muscle pulls.  The risk also includes catastrophic injuries such as permanent paralysis or even death.  By participating or enrolling my child to participate in activities at Fastbreak Sports, I assume this risk for myself and on behalf of my child.To the full extent permitted by law, I agree that Fastbreak Sports and its employees and agents will not be liable to me, my spouse or my child for any injury, death or damage, howsoever caused, resulting directly or indirectly from my or my child’s participation in activities at Fastbreak Sports (including, but not limited to, instructional camps, instructional classes, league practices or competitions, league tournaments and private training or instruction) at any time preceding, during or after my or my child’s participation in any activities at Fastbreak Sports and I hereby release and discharge Fastbreak Sports and its employees and agents from all actions, claims, and demands that I, my spouse or my child may have for any such injury, death or damage.In consideration for Fastbreak Sports making its facilities, equipment and staff available for my use or that of my child, to the full extent permitted by law, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Fastbreak Sports and its employees and agents against any and all loss, liability, damage or expense that may be caused by or arise from my or my child’s participation in activities at Fastbreak Sports.

By agreeing and accepting the terms hereof on behalf of a minor child, I confirm that I am the legal parent or guardian of such child and agree to the terms described above on behalf of my minor child.

To the extent that the terms of this Waiver are determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to exceed the limitations of applicable law, the court is authorized to reform such terms to conform them to applicable law.  This Waiver shall be governed by the internal laws of the State of New York.